Sistematica was founded in 1987 at Manta di Saluzzo, as an electronics engineering company.
Already in 1991, the business evolved into electronic industrial production.
First radio remote control system dates back to 1995.
Years of intensive development lead in 2002 to the qualification by the Research MIUR System, in 2007 to the output of the first System equipped with SAFETY POINT ™ and the following year to the introduction of new TILTING HAND ™ technology.
In 2008 NordOvest Fund acquires Sistematica through SGR Strategia Italia, marking a milestone in the company’s development, with significant strides in upgrading and industrialization of products.
It dates back to 2011 the presentation of the new CLOSE LINK two-way communication system, which meets full approval from the market.
In 2016 Sistematica moved to the current headquarter in Savigliano (CN, Italy). In 2018 the ownership of the company changes and its management is renewed, with a clear commitment to developing further.

SafetyPoint™ is the innovative safety system which makes the activation of handheld devices safe and eliminates the risk of accidents.
The system is composed of a handheld device that activates commands only if it is near a flexible and adhesive plate, the SafetyPointPlate, applied without electrical connections. SafetyPoint™ can be configured according to user requirements.
TiltingHand™ allows the proportional adjustment of a Controller output by measuring the degree of rotation of the Handheld transmitter Its sensitivity to movement is considerably higher than that obtained with old remote controls, where adjustment is carried out using triggers or buttons, which are subject to wear and breakage.
Two-way CloseLink communication is at the heart of all Sistematica handheld devices and controllers. Thanks to constant interaction between these components, the operator always has the situation under control.
A range of 150m in free space and without obstacles, GFSK digital modulation, enable use in heavy duty applications.
Sistematica makes available numerous optional to inform the user of non-communication and to make use of the remote control more comfortable and safer.