Nemo is a compact solution, engineered and realized especially for boating industry and for pleasure boats in particular. It combines quality and safety to aesthetics and ergonomics.
Waterproof and unsinkable, 100% Made in Italy.


Nemo Plus

Nemo Tender

Nemo Anchor

Nemo Propeller

Nemo Gangway

N° of commands from 3 to 13
Frequency ISM 433/868/915 MHz
Power supply 2 AAA 1,5V batteries
Absorption in stand-by ~ 5 µA
Average absorption during transmission 25 mA
Maximum capacity 150m in free space and without obstacles
Protection IP67 Silicone rubber keypad
Weight (with batteries) 120 g
Functioning temperatures from -20°C to +55°C
Dimensions (H x L x P) 109x56x30mm
Conforms relevant Union harmonisation legislation:

Art. 3(1)(a) HEALTH – EN 62479:2010
Art. 3(1)(a) SAFETY – EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010 + A12:2011 + A2:2013
Art. 3(1)(b) EMC – EN 301 489-1 V.2.2.0 Cap. 9.2; EN 301 489-3 V.2.1.1
Art. 3(2) RADIO SPECTRUM – ETSI EN 300 220-2 V.3.1.1 par. 4.5

Conforms relevant Union harmonisation legislation:

Conforms relevant USA legislation:
FCC: Part 15.249

Some of Nemo’s safety-related features are:
– Maintained function: the operation stays active only if the related button is maintained pushed.
– 2 minutes Time Out: after 2′ without operations, the radio communication is timed out.
– Nemo Plus model grants a higher safety level through function selection before activating.

Perfectly watertight with protection level IP67.

Volumetric ratios enable handheld devices to float.

Backlit keypad allows the recognizing of key functions in low light conditions.

Each controller has a distinct factory-defined source code (over 4 billion IDs) that prevents its interaction with unidentified systems. Multiple Sistematica devices can work in the same area without interference. In the event of replacement, it is possible to pair the new Handheld device/Controller with the due counterpart using a simple procedure.

10 mm diameter buttons, with clear and effortless contact, make the keypad suitable to all users. Ergonomic design, small dimensions and lightweight enable easy and effortless hold.

Highly resistant plastic is co-injected with a rubber shell that makes its hold firmer and protects against knocks if dropped, even if dropped from a height of 4 meters.
The functioning is guaranteed from -20°C to +55°C.

Alkaline AAA batteries easy to find and maximum autonomy of 2,500 hours in stand-by and up to 200 hours of continuous transmission.

sailing BOATING
Automation of electric and hydraulic whiches to gangway/tender/anchor and driving of propellers.
collare COLLAR
Simple and effective solution to keep with you the Sistematica Transmitter and at the same to leave your hand free.
Equipped with a tear off connection, the collar complies with suffocation-proof safety standards.
All Sistematica handheld devices are prepared for collar application, using a durable ring specifically manufactured in the plastic casing.
Supports are realized in durable plastic material and prepared for a two screws (not supplied) fastening.
The special design enables easy use of the Transmitter even when it is on the Support, while completely maintaining its functionalities.
The support can be supplied in a standard version, but also equipped with a SafetyPoint™.

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