Ego Radio Can

Receiver for logic distribution based on CAN-Bus.
The ideal solution for integrating the Sistematica’s system with third party devices, such as PLCs or control units, as well as for creating Distributed systems, able to switch the commands from the handheld device towards several controllers.


Receiver for logic distribution based on CAN-Bus. The RADIO-CAN devices enable transfer on a CAN-Bus interface of all information received remotely from the Sistematica handheld devices. RADIO-CAN avails of all the technological features in the Sistematica range:

Distributed systems:
RADIO-CAN switches the commands from the handheld device towards a maximum of 16 controllers.



Systems with third party devices:
Radio-can transfers commands to PLCs, control units, etc, for vehicle control, using protocol jointly defined with the customer.

The antenna built into the Radiocan box increases the overall durability of the device, by eliminating protruding parts typically subject to breakage.

Two-way CloseLink communication is at the heart of all Sistematica Handheld devices and Controllers. Receiver constantly checks the radio link with Handheld, moving to stand-by conditions in case of missing connection, switching off all the outputs and securing the application.

– Directive 1999/5/EC (R&TTE) Remote control and telecommunications
equipment (Article 3, Article 10 and Appendix 4)
– EN 60950-1 Health and safety
– EN 301 489-3 Electromagnetic compatibility
– EN 300 220-2 Use of radio frequencies spectrum
– EN 60204-32 Electrical equipment safety
– Directive 2004/104/EC Vehicle electromagnetic compatibility
– FCC part 15.249

The convenient snap-in connection ensures a rapid and safe connection of the device to the rest of the system: only two wires are needed for the power supply and two for the CAN line to ensure connection and correct functionality.

The use of specific components against power supply pole inversion guarantees the integrity of the device during installation and maintenance operations.

Each controller has a distinct factory-defined source code (over 4 billion IDs) that prevents its interaction with unidentified systems. Multiple Sistematica devices can work in the same area without interference. In the event of replacement, it is possible to pair the new Handheld device/Controller with the due counterpart using a simple procedure.

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