Ego is a compact product and completely programmable, with a LCD graphic display

N° of commands unlimited
Frequency ISM 433/868/915 MHz
Power supply Li-PO 3,7Vdc battery
Absorption in stand-by ~ 150 µA
Average absorption during transmission 127 mA
Maximum capacity 150m in free space and without obstacles
Protection IP65 Silicone rubber keypad
Weight (with batteries)  240 g
Functioning temperatures from -20°C to +55°C
Dimensions (H x L x P) 180x78x40mm
Rechargeable Li-PO batteries ensure the operation of all built-in functionalities in the handheld device, including the backlighting of the graphic display and the keypad. The built-in battery charger in the specific support is equipped with a micro-USB standard connector. A safety device prevents involuntary extraction of the handheld device from the support.

Two-way CloseLink communication is at the heart of all Sistematica handheld devices and controllers. Thanks to constant interaction between these components, the operator always has the situation under control.
A range of 150m in free space and without obstacles, GFSK digital modulation, enable use in heavy duty applications.
Sistematica makes available numerous optional to inform the user of non-communication and to make use of the remote control more comfortable and safer.

Conforms relevant Union harmonisation legislation:

Art. 3(1)(a) HEALTH – EN 62479:2010
Art. 3(1)(a) SAFETY – EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010 + A12:2011 + A2:2013
Art. 3(1)(b) EMC – EN 301 489-1 V.2.2.0 Cap. 9.2; EN 301 489-3 V.2.1.1
Art. 3(2) RADIO SPECTRUM – ETSI EN 300 220-2 V.3.1.1 par. 4.5

Conforms relevant Union harmonisation legislation:

Conforms relevant USA legislation:
FCC: Part 15.249
Buttons with clear and effortless contact, make the keypad suitable to all users. Ergonomic design, small dimensions and lightweight enable easy and effortless hold.

All Sistematica remote controls can be customised with logos, special buttons, different colours and everything that can help the customers find the best solution. Software customisation can be viewed and decided with Sistematica to implement solutions with operational methods that cover the most demanding requirements.

Ego contains software developed and tested based on its application.
The graphic 128×128 display enables implementation of menu items dedicated to text sentences and/or graphics, to ensure the functions are immediately identifiable or to key operating parameters. A software development project, allows the implementation of a tailored product.

Highly resistant plastic is co-injected with a rubber shell that makes its hold firmer and protects against knocks if dropped. The functioning is guaranteed from -20°C to +55°C. It is perfectly watertight, with protection level IP65.

Possibility of combining the standard handheld device, systems and functions to control operator safety.

Each controller has a distinct factory-defined source code (over 4 billion IDs) that prevents its interaction with unidentified systems. Multiple Sistematica devices can work in the same area without interference. In the event of replacement, it is possible to pair the new Handheld device/Controller with the due counterpart using a simple procedure.

Automation of trucks and trailers for livestock delivery: floors, ramps, lifts and moving roofs.
Arms for weeding and spraying, atomizers for crops and vineyards, on trailers and equipment for agriculture.
Electric and Hydraulic winches, Trailers for wood transportation, Log splitter, Shredders, Small cranes.
Lawnmowers, Hooklifts, Road sweepers, Snowblades, Garbage transportation, Salt spreaders.
Reel sprayers, Slurry tanks, Mixer tanks, Trailers for agriculture, Hooklifts, Field heap spreaders.
Hooklifts, Swinging trailers for wood transportation, Trailers for industrial scrap transportation.
Electric and hydraulic winches, ramps and floors control, lights and beepers drivers
collare COLLAR

Simple and effective solution to keep with you the Sistematica Transmitters and at the same to leave your hand free.
Equipped with a tear off connection, the collar complies with suffocation-proof safety standards.
All Sistematica handheld devices are prepared for collar application, using a durable ring specifically manufactured in the plastic casing.

pulsantiera BACKLIT KEYPAD
Backlit keypad allows the recognizing of key functions in low light conditions:  a twilight sensoroperates keypad backlighting and only activates when necessary, saving the battery power. The function activates when the key is pressed and gradually deactivates in ten seconds.
The backlit keypad can be requested on all Sistematica handheld devices, from the handy Easyto more advanced Ego devices.
SafetyPoint™ is the innovative safety system which makes the activation of handheld devices safe and eliminates the risk of accidents.
The system is composed of a handheld device that activates commands only if it is near a flexible and adhesive plate, the SafetyPointPlate, applied without electrical connections. SafetyPoint™ can be configured according to user requirements.
SafetyPoint™ Basic: integrated in the fixed support for Transmitter or fastened with adhesive support, it enables the safe activation of devices as requested by user. Available on Easy, Trend and Ego.
SafetyPoint™ Active!: integrated in the fixed support for Transmitter or fastened with adhesive support, it enables the coupling of safe activation of functions to different SafetyPointPlate, thanks to Passive RFID technology. It’s available on Trend and Ego
tilting_hand TILTING HAND
TiltingHand™ allows the proportional adjustment of a Controller output by measuring the degree of rotation of the Handheld transmitter Its sensitivity to movement is considerably higher than that obtained with old remote controls, where adjustment is carried out using triggers or buttons, which are subject to wear and breakage.Proportional function 
By pressing a key and turning your wrist (like a motorbike accelerator) you control the proportional valve. A proportional distributor is not necessaryFast-Slow 
By pressing a function key and at the same time turning your wrist, you can control two speed levels.Key dual functions 
By pressing a function key and at the same time turning your wrist, you go from one function to another (two functions on a key)
Each time the transmitter and the receiver are not in remote contact with one another, due to too far a distance between them or unexpected external factors, the handheld device equipped with a buzzer/Vibracall informs the operator of non-communication using the same device.
The buzzer/Vibracall can be used to signal functioning to the operator, who can have an objective signal as confirmation of working.
The buzzer or the Vibracall can be requested on Sistematica Handhelds Easy, Trend and Ego.

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