Easy Controller

The Controller range with 8, 20 and 32 outputs, analogue and digital inputs, proportional and can bus output.

Controller 8 Controller 20 Controller 32
Frequency ISM 868/915 MHz ISM 868/915 MHz ISM 868/915 MHz
Protection level IP66 IP66 IP66
Voltage supply 12-24 Vdc±10% 12-24 Vdc±10% 12-24 Vdc±10%
Functioning temperature from -20°C to +55°C from -20°C to +55°C from -20°C to +55°C
Power MOS-FET v v v
Maximum current per output 5A 5A 5A
Total maximum current 10A 20A 20A
Connector SICMA 24 SICMA 24 SICMA 24
Built-in antenna v v v
External antenna Optional Optional v
Dimensions (H x L x P) 108x110x44mm 133x154x44mm 182x139x38mm
The antenna built into the controller box increases the overall durability of the device, by eliminating protruding parts typically subject to breakage.

Two-way CloseLink communication is at the heart of all Sistematica Handheld devices and Controllers. Receiver constantly checks the radio link with Handheld, moving to stand-by conditions in case of missing connection, switching off all the outputs and securing the application.

The connector with a slide lock ensures easy installation, maintenance and cabling operations, while guaranteeing a durable and long-lasting connection.

All the controllers are equipped with emergency output, or rather output that stays active for the entire duration of the work session and can be used to activate safety devices.

All the standard controllers are equipped with master output, output that activates simultaneously with the others.
This logic makes the master output indicated to command bypass valves or contactors for the activation of the pump, present in most hydraulic systems.

The use of specific components against power supply pole inversion guarantees the integrity of the device during installation and maintenance operations.

All the outputs are protected from short circuits, surges and inverse voltage. The integration of recirculation diodes on the outputs make the device particularly indicated to command inductive loads, such as electro and solenoid valves.

Each Controller has a distinct factory-defined source code (over 4 billion IDs) that prevents its interaction with unidentified systems. Multiple Sistematica devices can work in the same area without interference. In the event of replacement, it is possible to pair the new Handheld device/Controller with the due counterpart using a simple procedure.

The External Antenna is the effective solution to installation locations not optimized for radio transmission, ensuring an increased input signal gain.
A SMA screw-type connector guarantees long-lasting and rust-proof contact; by implementing specific procedures during the assembly phase, sealing is guaranteed from external agents.
In more difficult situations it’s possible to connect a remote antenna by applying a simple connection cable (not supplied).
The External Antenna is available for Controller 8, 20 and 32.
The Emergency Keypad reproduces numbering on the Transmitter, allowing the operation on Receiver without the Handheld. The easily legible keys and decisive functioning enable safe use, even when wearing gloves.
Manufacturing procedures, due to years of productive experience on the international markets, enable the Controller equipped with an Emergency Keypad to maintain a constant level of protection from external agents (liquid and dust).
The Emergency Keypad is available on all Sistematica Controllers 8 and 20.
Enables the direct command of a proportional valve (solenoid). Use of PWM technology ensures results free of hysteresis and flexible/versatile functioning.

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